Trials for EUDC 2019

This Sunday, the trials for European University Debate Championship took place. The selected teams visiting this year's EUDC in Athens are: EUDU A: Katie McClean and Mark Wilson EUDU B: Vincent Koon and Anita Carroll EUDU C: Jamie Beverstock and Libby Johnstone EUDU D: Sara Brdnik and Stefany Soh Our judges will be: Jason Woods, Umang Kalra, and Tobias Rodriguez del Pozo! Big thanks go to the judges: Ciara Mitchell, Lorna Staines, Robyn Lawrence, and Dan Roberts:) Congratulations to everybody!

Schools competition

This weekend we have hosted the schools competition at our university. Here are the results: The top four teams advancing to the Grand Finals were: 1. GWC C (Ben Stanley, Lachlan White) 2. RGS ID (Issac Marchant, Darina Andriychenko) 3. St Columbia's SS (Stella McCardi, Sophie Hannigan) - also the best novice team. 4. GWC B (Jamie Boothman, Adam Mallis) The top four teams advancing to the Novice Finals were: HSoD A (Ksenia Kapelyukh, Dominic Westwood) New Castle Dolphins (Emma Gibson, Liyanah Riyaz) Hamilton GS (Kier Skeffington, Robbie Bremner) New Castle Sharks (Jessica Spearman, Emma Scanlan) The top five speakers were Ben Stanley Darina Andriychenko Adam Mallis Stella McCardi - also the

Liverpool IV

Great results from Liverpool this week: Vincent Koon and Georgia Bentley have broken fourth to the finals. Jamie Beverstock and Tobias Rodriguez del Pozo have broken first to pro-am finals, which they've also won! Vincent was the third best speaker, Jamie was the seventh and Tobias and Georgia were both ninth. Tobias was additionally the best novice speaker. Access the tab here.

Lancaster IV

Amazing results this weekend from Lancaster: Jason Woods and Mark Wilson broke second and won the finals! Mark was the second best speaker and Jason was the tenth. The tab can be accessed here. Congratulations!

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