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Letter from the President

Hello to everyone, debaters past and present, and most importantly, friends: 


When I joined the Edinburgh University Debates Union in the second week of my first year at university, I thought that debating was one very specific thing: argument for the sake of argument. What I grew to discover, however, is that debating is much more than that. Even on a basic level, debating is about finding the nuance in issues that seem to lack it, learning how to approach topics that feel foreign and uncomfortable, and discovering ways to work within an existing framework to create something brand new. Debating is about competition for some, yes, but it is also about learning, growing, and gaining new skill sets. 

But beyond all of this, debate is something far more important: a community. The connections that I have made in my time at EUDU are those that I know will last for years to come. Being President for even one year in the long history of the Debates Union is a responsibility and a privilege that I take very seriously, as I work to encourage this community that has come to mean so much to so many. Making EUDU a place where people feel welcomed and safe is our primary concern as a committee, and is my primary concern as President.


I welcome everyone to this wonderful community and I look forward to meeting all new members. 




Nora Flynn-McIver

President 2023/24

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