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Letter from the President

Dear members, friends, current and future debaters,


Debating is a lot of things to a lot of people. For some, it is equivalent to a competitive sport, requiring frequent training, and with the goal of reaching the highest levels of skill attainable. For others, it is game they play for fun, with no intention of competing against the top debaters in the land, they join us to enjoy this fun hobby they have grown to love. But for all of us, debating is our community. It is the group of friends we have found, who we cherish dearly, and who enrich our lives constantly.

The Edinburgh University Debates Union is, at its heart, a home to anyone who wants it to be. We offer our members a safe and friendly environment, and provide them the tools they need to take their debating careers as far as they hope to take them. This Union really is that, a union, of all its members. I know that every single one of our members makes our little community special, and makes it a beacon of positivity, warmth, and inclusiveness. As President, I feel not only the joy in being privileged to represent this amazing community, but also the responsibility of ensuring that we maintain our community spirit. I pledge first and foremost to ensure that every action I take upholds the positive values of our Union, and that we continue to growth and strengthen the bonds of friendship formed here in EUDU. We are a union of friendship, just as much as we are union of public speaking and the debating of big ideas. The Union was established in 1890, and as such, I enter a long legacy of Presidents who have come before me, and who will come after me. However, all of you are part of an even greater legacy, the legacy of community, self-improvement, and success that are the core of our longevity. It is a legacy that all our welcome to join, and I hope you are just as proud as I am to be a part of it. To those returning members, I look forward to serving you for the next year, and to our prospective members, I look forward to welcoming you into our community. All of us look forward to meeting you! Until then, TTFN, Ta Ta For Now,

Callum Duffy

President 2022/23

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