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 COMPETITIONS in 2023/24



29th September: Edinburgh WGM

30th Sep - 1st Oct: Edinburgh Cup 

14th - 15th October: Bogwall 

4th - 5th November: LSE IV 

18th - 19th November: Newman's Shield Pro-Am

25th - 26th November: Durham IV 

2nd - 3rd December: Amsterdam Open


28th January: SSDC Pro-Am

3rd - 4th February: Scottish Mace

9th February: Trinity WGM

10th February: Lancaster IV

10th - 11th February: Trinity IV 

17th - 18th February: Manchester IV 

9th - 10th March: St Andrews Open 

16th March: Aberdeen Open

17th March: Wagboll 

23rd March: Edinburgh No Notes


5th - 6th April: Glasgow Ancients 

Here is a full list of all competitions happening this year


Edinburgh No Notes/Yes Bullshit: 

March 23rd & 24th

Two comps, two days, as many ways to change the British Parliamentary format as we can possibly squeeze in to eight rounds! Edinburgh No-Notes will have no notes allowed during the round for speakers, while judges will take notes on an index card. The next day, Edinburgh Yes Bullshit will run through four variants on the BP style, including random phrases included in speeches; a reverse round that begins with an Oral Adjudication, proceeds to the Opposition Whip, and goes backwards through the debate; and a blank debate that is debated without a motion. The final round will also be a variant, but it'll be a surprise!!

Pre-reg coming soon!


Scottish Pre-EUDC  

July 26th-27th

This year, Edinburgh is hosting the in-person precursor to the European University Debating Championships, which will take place in Glasgow. Whether EUDC is your summer vacation or you've been grinding for a break, we're your last stop on the path to Euros!

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