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Why do we have equity policy?

  • It is a guarantee that everybody has an equal opportunity to participate as fully as possible, no matter what their identity is. It is responsible for dealing with issues arising from discrimination relating to gender, race, religion, sexual preference, physical handicap, or otherwise. Find more information in the video.

What does it look like in practice? 

  • There are equity briefings at the beginning of every tournament, where some of the most important rules are stated. You will be asked not to use hasty generalizations, to respect preferred pronouns and to respect other participants in general. 

  • Every competition has (usually two) equity officers who deal with equity violations. You should go to them in the event you see somebody breaking the equity policies. EUDU also appoints an internal equity officer, who is charge of equity policies regarding the delegation from our society.

  • At the beginning of every round you will be asked about your preferred pronouns. The most often ones are she/her, he/him, and they/them, but you can state any you are comfortable with.

What happens if one violates the policy?

  • For minor offences: mediated discussions take places and warnings are issued

  • For major offences: you might not be eligible to break, might be expelled from the competition, or even law enforcement could get involved. 

  • However, such instances do not happen often as we all wish to have respectful discussions.

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