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As a platform for engagement with social and political dialogue, the Debates Union is committed to hosting interesting, thought-provoking and relevant public events throughout the academic year. These are open to the general public, not just university students.


Our events range from show debates on topical issues, to workshops on skills such as public speaking and argument building to panel discussions featuring renowned academics, cultural figures, politicians, and experts in their field. Our events have also been featured in various news and broadcasting media. And are often run in conjunction with other groups such as university societies and law firms. 


We advertise all our events on our social media accounts: 


Facebook: Edinburgh University Debates Union

Instagram: @edinburgh_debates

Lounge:  Edinburgh University Debates Union


We also have recordings of some public debates posted on our Youtube channel


To get in touch with suggestions or queries, contact Esmé Thornhill-Davis, our Public Events Coordinator, by emailing

Our most recent workshop: An Introduction to Improvised Public Speaking 

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