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Warwick Open 2024 ESL Finals Chair: Aymaan S 

St Andrews Open 2024 Finals Chair: Zainab S

Manchester IV 2024 Finals Chair: Alishba I

Tilburg Open 20224 Pro-Am Finals Chair: Ananya K

Lancaster IV 2024 Finals Panel: Adam C & Tom M

SSDC Pro-Am 2024 Finals Chair: Alishba I

SSDC Pro-Am 2024 Finals Panel: Aymaan S & Nora F-M

Nijmegen Open 2024 Finals Chair: Alishba I

Durham IV 2023 Finals Chair: Tom M

Western IV 2023 Finals Chair: Alishba I

Edinburgh WGM 2023 Finals Chair: Eli F

Glasgow Ancients 2023 Finals Panel: Alishba I

St Andrews Open 2023 Finals Chair: Adam M

Edinburgh Open 2023 Finals Chair: Adam M



St Andrews Open Finalists 2024: Cyrus B. (in a composite team) 

Sofia Open Online Finalists 2024: Alishba I (in composite team) 

Manchester IV Finalists 2024: Nora F-M & Jamie B

Trinity IV Winners 2024: Alishba I & Alex S 

Trinity IV Semi-finalist 2024: Ananya K (in a composite team) 

Lancaster IV Winners 2024: Wurdaan K & Cyrus B

Trinity WGM Finalists 2024: Nora F-M (in a composite team) and Ananya K. & Frances D-T

Scottish Mace Winners 2024: Alex S & Eli F

Scottish Mace Finalists 2024: Zainab S & Eoghan C

SSDC Pro-Am Finalists 2024: Alex S & Aria K

Durham IV Finalists 2023: Dom W & Esme TD

LSE IV Winners 2023: Alex S & Alex C

Bogwall Winners 2023: Adam C & Aria K

Edinburgh Cup 2023 Winners: Jamie B & Zainab S

Charity Fantasy Open 2023 Silver Final Winners: Adam M & Paula B

Untitled Pre-EUDC Gold Finalists: Alex S & Eli F

St Andrews Open 2023 Finalists: Alex S & Eli F

Aberdeen Open 2023 Winners: Eoghan C & Wurdaan K

Edinburgh Cup 2023 Winners: Jamie B. (in composite team) 

Edinburgh Cup 2023 Finalists: Paula B. & Nav. M

Manchester IV 2023 Pro-Am Winners: Eoghan C. (in composite team) 

Scottish Mace 2023 Finalists: Cian D & Dom W

Hypothetical Open 2023 Bronze Final Winners: Adam M & Ananya K

WUDC Octofinalists 2023: Alex S & Henrik B

Bogwall 2022 Winners: Eoghan C & Zainab S

EUDC Finalists 2022: Cerys W & Jamie B

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