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Schools competition

This weekend we have hosted the schools competition at our university. Here are the results:

  • The top four teams advancing to the Grand Finals were:

1. GWC C (Ben Stanley, Lachlan White)

2. RGS ID (Issac Marchant, Darina Andriychenko)

3. St Columbia's SS (Stella McCardi, Sophie Hannigan) - also the best novice team.

4. GWC B (Jamie Boothman, Adam Mallis)

  • The top four teams advancing to the Novice Finals were:

  1. HSoD A (Ksenia Kapelyukh, Dominic Westwood)

  2. New Castle Dolphins (Emma Gibson, Liyanah Riyaz)

  3. Hamilton GS (Kier Skeffington, Robbie Bremner)

  4. New Castle Sharks (Jessica Spearman, Emma Scanlan)

  • The top five speakers were

  1. Ben Stanley

  2. Darina Andriychenko

  3. Adam Mallis

  4. Stella McCardi - also the best novice speaker

  5. Lachlan White

  • The top five novice speakers were

  1. Stella McCardi

  2. Sophie Hannigan

  3. Anushka Aradhyula

  4. Ksenia Kapelyukh

  5. Katie Loughney

Congratulations to everybody!

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