Newcastle IV

The team visiting this year's Newcastle IV was very successful. Composed of Georgia Bentley and Tobias Rodriguez del Pozo was the second best novice team. Tobias was also the fourth on the novice speaker tab.

Junior's at Edinburgh

The debaters from our uni have once again organized the competition for students between ages of 11 and 13. Young debaters did very well:) Shout out to Sandhya Narayanan and Nathanael Clifton for CA-ing and Lucas Augustin Reynoso, who was the convenor. The tab for this event can be found here.

Cambridge IV and Wom*n's Open

EUDU debaters have done very well this weekend at Cambridge IV: Katie McLean and Mark Wilson have broken sixth to octo-finals. Mark was overall ninth. Jamie Beverstock and Umang Kalra have participated at the tournament as debaters. Richard Hunter and Eilidh McCreath represented us as judges. The team that took part in the Cambridge Wom*n's competition was composed of Katie and Eilidh. They broke second to the finals! Way to go, guys:) You can access tabs here and here.

Oxford IV and Wom*n's Open

Great results from this year's Oxford IV: The teams chosen to participate at the competition by an internal trials were the following: Katie McLean and Mark Wilson; Vincent Koon and Anita Caroll; Nathanael Clifton and Sandhya Narayanan. Congratulations go to all of them for qualifying to participate as well as to Katie and Mark, who have broken thirteenth to octo-finals. Katie and Anita almost broke at Wom*n's Open as they were the sixth best team of the tournament. Katie was the seventh best speaker. Access tabs here and here.

GUU Juniors - Novice Competition

Our first year debaters have done a great job at the Glasgow Union debate competition: Jamie Beverstock and Sara Brdnik have won the competition after the strike of wins in preliminary rounds. Tobias Rodriguez del Pozo and Georgia Bentley broke third to the finals. Sara was the best speaker of the competitions, Jamie was second, Tobias and Georgia placed third and fourth! Shout out to Anita Carroll for CA-ing the competition. Access tab here.

Durham IV

We're bringing home great results from the first IV competition this year: Katie McLean and Mark Wilson broke sixth to Semi-Finals! Katie was the fourth best speaker and Mark the eight best in the open part of the competition. Elsa Hesslow and Sara Brdnik were the best team breaking to Pro-Am Finals! Sara took the fifth place as a novice speaker. Congratulations go to all of our breaking judges: Umang Kalra, Matthew Fricker, and Wan Adzhar. Hear, hear. Access the tab here.

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