Glasgow Ancients and Wom*n's

At the last competition before the spring break, our debaters have done an amazing job at Glasgow Ancients and Glasgow Women's Open:

Glasgow Ancients:

  • Mark Wilson and Katie McLean have broken 5th to semifinals, Vincent Koon and Elsa Hesslow were the 11th on the team tab.

  • Stefany Soh and Sara Brdnik were the top ESL team.

  • Mark was the 3rd best speaker, Katie the 5th on the open tab. Elsa was the 3rd best ESL speaker and Sara was the 5th.

  • Sandhya Narayanan and Eilidh McCreath broke as the judges, Sandhya was juding the semi-finals and Eilidh the Grand final.

Glasgow Wom*n's:

  • Elsa Hesslow and Libby Johnstone broke to semi-finals and won the Grand Final!

  • Libby was the 6th best speaker, and Elsa was the 9th (and also the best ESL speaker!)

  • Sara Brdnik and Stefany Soh were the best ESL team, and the 2nd and the 3rd best ESL speakers.

Access the tabs here and here.

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