February 24, 2019

The debaters from union are returning home from Glasgow with exceptional results , again! Every team at this competition was composed of a ''professional'' speaker (one of older debaters) and a ''novice'' speaker (a debater who is debating for less than a year and has not broken at any of the open/IV competitions).

  • Mark Wilson and Tobias Rodriguez del Pozo have broken first and Katie McLean and Anna Fei have broken second to the semi-finals. 

  • Mark was the best speaker overall, Katie was the second and Tobias the fourth!

  • Tobias was also the best novice speaker and Anna was the fourth!

Congratulations also to Anita Carroll for breaking as a judge and chairing the finals. Jason Woods, Sara Brdnik and Elsa Hesslow have also broken as judges.


Hear, hear!


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