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Edinburgh Cup and Women's Open

Our debaters achieved amazing results at Edinburgh Cup 2018:

  • Mark Wilson and Sandhya Narayanan broke sixth and then made it to the grand final.

  • Mark was the best speaker, Sandhya was the best novice speaker and seventh best overall.

  • Tim Squirrell broke second in a composite team with Caoimhe Meaney from Cork, he was the fifth best speaker.

  • Nathanael Clifton and Jamie Beverstock broke third to the pro-am final.

  • Jamie was the fifth best novice speaker.

  • Nish Hegde, an Edinburgh alumni, won with Zannah Muir from Glasgow.

Also well done to Simone Eizagirre chaired a semi-final and Vincent Koon broke as a judge and Katie McLean, who was the Chief Adjudicator for the competition!

Ed Women's was a success, too:

  • Umang Kalra broke first with Imogen Edwards-Lawrence from Oxford and they won the final.

  • Fiadhnaid Lydon and Sara Brdnik broke second to the final.

  • Sara was the best novice and ESL speaker and the second best speaker overall.

  • Fianhnaid and Umang were joint fifth best speakers of the tournament.

Shout out to breaking judges Dhruti Chakravarthi and Simone Eizagirre, as well as Eilidh McCreath, who CA'd the competition.

Well done!

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