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2016-2017 EVENTS

16/10/2016 - This House Supports a Second Independence Referendum

Proposing the motion: Patrick Harvie (co-convener of the Scottish Green Party) and Maree Todd (SNP MSP for the Highlands and Islands). Opposing the motion: Anas Sarwar (Scottish Labour MSP for Glasgow) and Miles Briggs (Scottish Conservatives MSP for Lothian). Chaired by Simone Eizagirre.

26/10/2016 - This House Has Lost Faith in the 2016 US Election

(in collaboration with the Economics Society, Political Union and North American Society)

Speakers included Riva Bagully-Hawley, Priyanka Radhakrishnan, Mark Wilson and Maazin Buhari. Chaired by Simone Eizagirre.

05/10/2016 - This House Would Ban the Development of Genetically Modified Organisms

(in collaboration with the Dundee Debating Society and the Edinburgh and Dundee iGEM teams)

27/09/2016 - Should Cultural Artefacts Be Repatriated?

(in collaboration the History of Art Society)

Panel discussion featuring Dr Frances Fowle (Senior Curator at the Scottish National Gallery and the International Director of ECA), Michelle Hannah (Glasgow-based artist and performer), Professor Andrew Patrizio (member of the board of the Talbot Rice Gallery, the Fruitmarket Gallery, the Scottish Environmental Humanities network, and the Arts Catalyst), Neil Lebeter (Art Collections Curator & Deputy Head of Museums at the University of Edinburgh), and Sam Chatto (History of Art student at the University of Edinburgh). Chaired by Lisa Wang.


11/09/2016 - Freshers Debate: This House Regrets the Rise of Tinder

Speakers included Nishith Hegde, Lisa Wang, Tim Squirrell and Maazin Buhari. Chaired by Simone Eizagirre.

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