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2015-2016 EVENTS

21/03/2016 - Brexit Debate: This House, as the United Kingdom, would Leave the European Union (in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh Economics Society)

Opposing the motion was Professor Iain Begg, resesarch fellow at the European Institute at LSE and associate fellow at Chatam House. Proposing the motion, a speaker from Leave.Eu, one of the largest groups campaigning for a Brexit. Chaired by Ollie Ballinger.


29/03/2016 - Scottish Parliament Debate: Housing and Wellfare (in collaboration with EUSA)

Speakers included candidates for the upcoming Scottish Elections from major parties: Toni Giugliano (SNP), Jeremy Balfour (Conservative), Alison Johnstone (Green), Sarah Boyack (Labour), Alex Cole-Hamilton (Lib Dem), Natalie Reid (RISE).


13/03/2016 - Montgomery Cup Debate: This House Believes that the West Should Open its Borders

Speakers included Maeve Hurson, Priyanka Radhakrishnan, Adam Bernstein, Katie McLean and competitive debaters from the University of Central Missouri and Louisiana State University Shreveport.


01/03/2016 - Lecture: Gender Equality and Female Genital Mutilation in the Kenyan Maasai (part of African Development Week, co-organised by the Buchanan Institute and Edinburgh Political Union)

Our guest speakers were Chief Joseph Ole Tipanko and Cicilia Seleyian Koisenke members of the Kenyan Maasai community and founders of the NGO MAGSA Outreach, which provides shelter and education for women and girls fleeing FGC and child marriage, and campaigns against the practice.


09/02/2016 - Chamber Debate: This House Believes That Feminist Icons and their Cult of Personality are Harmful to the Feminist Movement

Speakers included Lisa Wang, Ollie Ballinger, Priyanka Radhakrishnan, Eleanor Hervey-Bathurst, Ross Nixon, Caroline Stillman, Katie McLean and Michael Davidson. Note that speakers were assigned a position to defend. Chaired by Simone Eizagirre.


27/01/2016 - Public Debate: This House Supports the Iran Nuclear Deal

Our guest speaker was Yiftah Curiel, spokesperson of the Israeli Embassy in London, opposed the motion. He debated against members of the Debates Union who were assigned to propose the motion (Priyanka Radhakrishnan, Maeve Hurson, John Jones and Michael Davidson). Chaired by Ollie Ballinger.


05/10/2015 - Electoral Reform Debate: This House Would Use Proportional Representation

Proposition speakers: Marco Biagi (Member of Scottish Parliament for the SNP), William Sullivan (Director of the Electoral Reform Society Scotland).

Opposition speakers: Richard Leonard (Political Officer at the GMB union), Dr Daniel Kenealy (Deputy Director of the Academy of Government at the University of Edinburgh).


17/09/2015 - Show Debate: This House Would Require All Religious Institutions to Perform Same-Sex Marriages, Regardless of Doctrinal Teachings

Speakers included Abigail van Schalkwyk, Ieva Cepaite, Tomas Sanders, Lisa Wang, Maeve Hurson, Eleanor Hervey-Bathurst, Adam Bernstein, Amanda Calderbank. Note that speakers were assigned a position to defend.

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