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2014-2015 EVENTS

11/03/2015 - Public Debate: Should We End Censorship on Campus? (co-organized by Spiked)

Speakers included Tom Slater, assistant editor of Spiked Magazine; Blair Stowart, student working with the Down With Campus Censorship! Campaign; Eve Livingston, Vice President Societies and Activities for EUSA 2014-2015; Maddy Churchouse, member of the Debates Union and Officer Training Corps, writer for The Student. Chaired by Lisa Wang.


11/02/2015 - Panel Discussion: Freedom of Speech or the Right to Offend? (in collaboration with Scottish PEN Students): panel discussion featuring Jean Rafferty, Derek Bateman, Maddy Churchouse and Stuart Kelly. Chaired by Ally Shaw.



10/04/2014 - The Rectorial Election Debate (in collaboration with the Edinburgh University Students Association)

The Rector of the University of Edinburgh is elected every three years and presides over the University Court, the governing body at which all major decisions affecting the University are taken. Peter McColl, rector of the University of Edinburgh at the time of the event, and Steve Morrison (current rector), the two candidates, participated in the event. Chaired by Nishith Hegde.


19/11/2014 - Public Debate: This House Would Ban Boarding Schools for Children Under the Age of 16

Speakers included Dr Graham Hawley, Sally Fraser, Nick Duffell and Eleanor Hervey-Bathurst. Chaired by Noah-Kidron Style.


22/10/2014 - Public Debate: This House Says No to Unpaid Internships

Proposition speakers: Catherine Williamson (internships advisor for the Scottish non-profit Adopt An Intern organization), Maria Pabolaza (Politics and Sociology student, member of the Debates Union)

Opposition speakers: Ben Rosen (CEO and founder of Inspiring Interns recruitment agency), William Cairns (chairman of Cairns Intersphere Consulting).

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